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The evil from which people defend themselves by violence is incomparably less than the one they do, defending themselves by violence.
— Leo Tolstoy

Welcome to our support center, a place where you can find answers to your most urgent questions about nonviolence in mere seconds.

For us, the most important concept in nonviolence is the value of human life. Therefore we focus on replacing the current methods of protection (both personal and collective), recognizing that a sustainable peace is impossible while maintaining violent security forces such as armies and police, the main tools of which are threats, murder, and bodily harm.

We also offer guidance for individuals seeking to live nonviolently - from overcoming personal indifference and aggressiveness, to renouncing citizenship, a status that relies on involuntary participation in crimes against human life.

Our experience is based on our daily interaction with, and deep understanding of, one of our world’s most violent social and state systems, known worldwide for its disdain for human life. Therefore, we know well how to prevent the causes and conditions that cause a person to become loyal to violence and dependent on violence.

If you can’t find answers to your most challenging questions in our knowledge base, you can always reach out to us. Just leave a message in the contact form to get in touch.

We are always ready to help!


Aleksandr Andrevich
Project coordinator
Vitaly Adamenko
Antimilitary historian
Kamil Churaev
Antimilitary observer

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