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I in no way participate in violence

One common misconception is that if I do not come into contact with violence in any way then I do not participate in it.

Here are 5 key roles that each of us has in our lives in relation to violence. Check which of them are the dominant in your case:

  1. Accomplice – I condone and by implicit consent agree with the so-called security forces (army, police, special services, justice system) who are prepared to and do use threats of murder, maiming and torture 
  2. Co-administrator – by my own citizenship I unwillingly share in the responsibility for the crimes made by the state and civil society 
  3. Sponsor – I provide support for the apparatus for violence from my own pocket (taxes, duties, tolls etc.)
  4. Victim – at any moment I can face indiscriminate professional aggression from the security forces, who are incapable of empathy and compensation
  5. Seducer – I demonstrate to the people around me (children included) the permissibility and admissibility of staying in a violent society for a long period of time.

The most shameful of these roles, of course, is the inability and unwillingness to let people be – i.e. stopping forcing neighbours to morally and financially support threats and murders (via citizenship, taxes, education etc.

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