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Voices of Nonviolence

Nobody wants to stop killing

Today, for almost 300 million people in the world who speak Russian, there are a little more than 3 public resources in Russian about non-violence. You are on one of them now.

Unfortunately, even if you hear somewhere the words “No war” or “Stop police brutality”, this does not mean at all that people are talking about non-violence and they are looking for ways to give up the bloody protection of their lives or at least stop managing other people's lives.

The ratio of 1: 100,000,000 is not just an eerie testimony to universal indifference and cruelty. It is also a terrible loneliness for those who are trying to think and live differently.

In these conditions, every person who seeks to break his/her addiction to violence and help others in this becomes simply priceless. Therefore, if you want to share your story, projects, questions, doubts, beliefs - do not hesitate to write!

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