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Nonviolence FAQ

How to protect yourself and your loved ones?
This is the answer to the question of ensuring personal safety. The question of ... more
If a crime is committed in my presence…
It is rare that one of us knows how to defeat evil with good. Therefore in the c... more
But who will protect the homeland?
This is the answer to the question of ensuring collective security. The question... more
He who doesn’t want to feed his own army, will he feed another?
You did not come to take up arms against people and be captured, where forced la... more
How to protect yourself from the homeland?
The main problem with the homeland is that it does not know how to let a person ... more
I in no way participate in violence
One common misconception is that if I do not come into contact with violence in ... more
Does the strongest survive?
Survival is not always a sign to relax. Very often this is the start or the cont... more
Non-Violence – Where to begin?
12 minutes reading First of all, calm down. If today you don’t find yourself a ... more

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