Gennady Gololob, the Ukraine

Gennady Gololob (1964 - 2020), the Ukraine

Theologian and researcher, founder and compiler of the 'Christian pacifism' web-site, a member of the Baptists Church local community  in Cherkassy.

Unfortunately, our acquaintance was a bit contrary to my expectations from a man who dares to preach non-violence. It was affected by the difference in age, lifestyle, character, habits ... But since he treated this subject thoughtfully and seriously, this experience was not fruitless and added some new shades to my established views. Moreover, in view of the insignificant smallness of non-violence supporters, any such boldness is especially valuable and deserves respect.

I know almost nothing about his personal (emotional) perception of the problem of violence. But there were things showed him as a person whose choice the path of nonviolence was far from accidental, and the meekness and strength of mind are truly great. For instance, how patiently and kindly he confirmed or opposed my arguments, how he openly admitted and shared his own successes and failures, etc.

Gennady demonstrated very rare example of faith, which is expressed in the unceasing labor of comprehending the Gospel. This is completely and fundamentally different from the traditional 'ready-made' approach, when a person assimilates the usual set of theological postulates, and relay it to others in an unchanged and unreasoned form.

I would like to believe, incomprehensible things are discovered to people after the death. I mean first of the true meaning and essence of the earthly life. And I hope Gennady was able to understand it (and fulfill it) much deeper than anyone else.

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