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Nonviolent lifestyle. The beginning

Non-Violence – Where to begin?

First of all, calm down. If today you don’t find yourself a place away from the awareness of universal fratricide and your own role in it, then believe me it won’t be long and you’ll need serious stimuli in order to maintain this feeling and continue down the path of non-violence. We can talk about this another time, but for now let’s talk about the exit from the system of violence and the temptations that come with it.

Our task: to do everything in our power every day in order to be one step further from violence. Refuse to participate in it as much as possible. Do this constantly, without knowing to what extent ‘non-violence’ can be reached, without knowing when, how and with what this journey ends.

This is the main principle, but there is also another. To exit the system of violence, you will firstly have to concentrate on the smallest components that make up your day, your life and your relationships with other people – in a way that you’ve never done before. In order to learn to understand the nature of the origin of things and relationships that surround you, in order to learn to value your own steps, words and actions – in terms of violence or non-violence.

And we will begin with the fact that we will understand: whether it is possible to stay where you are at this moment.

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